Research done by football fans, albeit verbally has proved that one can tell the character of another by just knowing his or her character…fans of a similar football club tend to behave the same way…Allow me to indulge you.

Manchester United fans
These are mostly hard labourers who seek rest from life in football games. Do not…I insist, do not engage these type of people in debates especially on failures of their team. They are mean and ruthless. They do not want any other kind of suggestion of failure, they have had enough at their places of work.
They mostly drink one soda for an entire football game. Lucky ones will visit better joints and ask for coffee which they will insist on drinking for 90 minutes. They are troublesome people who ask for their drinks mostly in the second half of the match.

These fellows shout and dance on dining tables when their team scores a goal. You can be tempted to think that they have been waiting for this particular happy moment since 1992.They also tend to mark their opponents during such times…thus, it is easier to notice wrangles almost after each goal.

Chelsea funs
They don’t know what football is really about…they just watch. These people can pinpoint Sanchez and Pogba in blue, even when it is Chelsea vs Tottenham. They are just confused. Most of our ladies support this team. 
Chelsea fans are known to correct the coach on his selection of the first 11. They are quick to tell you how the scoreboard should have been different if the coach brought in Messi or Benzema in the second half. The confusion of these supporters is too overwhelming. I can’t deal with them.

Arsenal fans
These philosophers are ever annoying. They quote historical wins even during a hot game….especially when their team is evidently losing. There is no Arsenal fan with less that 40 years of age. It is made up of supporters who have seen it all in life…even when their team scores a beautiful goal, these people just keep sipping their drinks as if nothing happened. They can buy you a drink as long as you support their team, they need the support. These boring enthusiasts are better left alone…

Liverpool fans
They know only Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mane. They have huge infinix phones and white earphones. They are ever busy on their phones…until either team scores a goal. They will quickly analyse it and go back to their phones. We always wonder why they pay to watch the game instead of staying at home to text . These supporters are mostly urban people and recent university graduates who seem to know everything about football. Their googling experience is high. They seem to wait for a season when Liverpool will rise from the ashes to claim the premier league title…meanwhile, let them chat!!!

Tottenham fans
Well, no one really supports this team. It is a favourite for fans when their opponent teams needs a punishment. Tottenham is seemingly hired for these purposes…and it never disappoints.



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