Nowadays, ladies have male friends other than their husbands or fiancées, who they tell “everything.” These male friends have so many good responsibilities. They can go to the movies, have lunch and supper, dance, go for yoga and nature walks with these modern, learned and “civilized” ladies. It did not take me by surprise when my cousin found out that one of his wife’s ma le friends had also befriended her private parts. They had their divorce last Wednesday. He was lucky to have noticed in time.

Ladies are well prepared in our present time to cheat professionally and technologically. With a fat pay check that does not respond to any family obligation, they can easily buy their way into a man’s lap. As the husband is running up and down to pay their three sons’ school fee and meet other family obligations, mama Tom is busy eating ‘kuku chips’ at the Sarit centre and laughing off her sweet days. Soon, the man dies out of stress and leaves mama Tom a single and beautiful woman. After a fake morning that lasts less than a week, she leaves the village and goes back to the city. Her demands will be met by a young and energetic college student-no strings attached; other than a few 1,000 notes for the delivery. All husbands will soon be replaced!

According to a research carried out at the University of Chicago, the modern women are more likely to cheat than they were 20 years ago. It is not surprising that more women are cheating more than ever, this can be attributed to several reasons. The common understanding is that women, unlike men, cheat for different reasons. However, there is almost no difference as to why both men and women cheat. The only sane reason could be that they can and they want to and that is a choice they make.

Sexual infrequency is one of the major reasons why women cheat. This goes against the common stereotype that women tend to look out more for commitment and emotional stability while men, on the other hand, are hard-wired for sex. The same survey showed that women who do not cheat had sex at least ten times in a month while those who cheat only had sex five times in a month. It is important also to note that the score on the frequency could be perfect but the delivery very poor that’s when women start looking for the excitement elsewhere that is otherwise lacking in their relationship.

How often do you communicate as a couple? And for how long? Well, forget about arguments, I am talking real conversations here, the kinds that sought of bring your souls together, whether it’s a conversation about a leaking sink in your house or an investment opportunity. Women who spend more time communicating with their partners are less likely to cheat on their partners. So men, make more room for the pillow talks with your woman, it will go a long way.

Unhappiness in relationships more often than not will drive a woman to find someone who can make her happy, even if it is just for a moment. According to the same research, 34% of cheating women were happy in their relationship, this indicates that the less happy a woman is the more likely she is to cheat. This does not necessarily apply to men as 56% of cheating men were happy in their relationship so based on these figures, men will cheat no matter how happy they are with their current partner.

The modern woman is an educated, independent and successful, woman. However, the more successful a woman is, the more likely she is to cheat. This is attributed to the increased presence of women in the workforce. High levels of success especially in the workplace put a woman in a place where she is likely to cheat. This might explain the results of the research, why so many women cheat these days?






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