Dropped by a fast moving ‘bodaboda’,
She alights with vim and panache,
Dressed in an amber half dress,                                      Her pallid thorax leans on the turquoise reflector
Hair woven back, obedient to the pull of gravity    As conspicuously seen through the green helmet,
Face glowing pearl-like from the braze of hot ultraviolet-rays,
Her eyes lighten, eye-shadow faded stylishly,
Behold, the transparent shade
A window to her uncharted soul, Reflecting.

She holds tightly
Onto the rider’s navy bluish dust-beaten worn-out jacket,
One fair foot stepping over the Bajaj’s side
Struggling to pull the other over, it seems heavier
Or rather arrogantly betraying the brown thigh…

Suddenly a wind,
Blowing with gusto,
Abrasively sweeps over her silk-dress,
Her round bottom supposedly running for cover,
Behind her sky bluish McQueen’s leather handbag.
I peep, but in vain,
My futile efforts quashed
By the rider, lightning-quick,
Holding her hand, ready to save her from
My eyes, The tormentor in chief,
And with his torso,
Acting as cover, he savors all the lusciousness –
Exposed by the benevolent wind

The serenity on her face, now gone,
Like a hyena that’s lost its prey
She trots off in a hurry,
Walking crookedly, A chicken with injured marrows
Towards the entrance,
Moves calculated, precluding,                      Anticipating whichever danger,
I stand there,
Feet stuck in the ground,
Roots wrapping over my toes,
I try to move, feet heavy
I can’t….

She glances towards me,
I feel helpless,
Shoots a whimsical smile in my direction,
I smiled back,
The voice resoundingly soothing,
Impulses become quicker,
My already weakened body gripped
Tighter by an invincible force-
-The Lucifer-ish voice
Her eyes, without the shades,
Shine an ambience,
Injecting life, to my already extinguished senses.
I try opening my mouth,
Stuck at agape,
Muscles tingling, twitching and disobedient,
Vocal chords uncooperative￾Produce a shrill, hoarse and inaudible

The words drown away
Into nothingness,
Pupils dilate, Lids immovable,
Knees weak, coordination ramshackled
Paralyzed and helpless
To break the gaze,
I fell…. IN LOVE!


  1. Cool article thanks for that but the problem in my reading of the article seemed like there was alot i couldnt understand since you use excessive description in excessive vocabularies..
    the message is too hard to get it clearly and really express your article title as per the story you are giving…i am longing for the mesaage


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