Do men wash their underwears or socks more often than girls? Research done by slay queens has revealed that Men are now just as hot on hygiene as women. It is now a thing of the past to recycle an underwear for 13 days…

According to the research, washing hands after visiting the toilet is still debatable. With the entrance of the new technology, men are as equally glued to phones even in the toilet. They have become multi tasking moguls who can comfortably tweet as they clean their unmentionables…

It has come to the attention of AZ 24/7 News that slay queens have started sharing their hand wash liquids…they have even formed an habit of buying a pair. They say, men will be men,..taking showers often will still require a lot of persuasion using means that we are not willing to disclose. They have at least started changing “perspectives regarding hand washing”



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