The life of a Kenyan especially a youth or a low class person, if measured on scales of misery, can outweigh 6 tonnes of cement. You have heard it rumoured that if one can survive in Kenya, then, he or she can equally survive anywhere else in the world. I can prove it!

    It is in this country, where an institution like NYS loses billions of money in two consecutive terms and nothing is done to bring the culprits into book. The government then decides to tax the common mwananchi to refill the deficit. From well calculated corrupt deals to cartels to crater-like potholes in the middle of the town center, Kenyans are trained the hard way. By the time one sleeps, there are a few hours remaining to morning whereby you must wake up early to beat the crazy jam. Your boss might be using the same route but, if you do not report in time…he will still abuse you and expose all your troubles. You will end up begging to be retained because if you lose the job, your landlady will immediately give you a notice. These women have senses that can detect the second you receive a contract for a new job even before you tell your mother or girlfriend…when you lose a job, they will equally sense before you even arrive.

    No wonder, AZ 24/7 News has taken this opportunity to put the words of this famous song right here for our readers. Let them give you hope. Let them console you…keep your voting card carefully and wait for 2022! Meanwhile, pray that these persecutions don’t take a toil on you.

    “The news came to Jesus, please come fast,Lazarus is sick and without your help, he will not last. Mary and Martha watched their brother die. They waited for Jesus but He did not come and they wondered why. The death ritual was over and Lazarus was buried for four days. Someone said, He will soon be here, the Lord is on His way. Martha ran to Him and then she cried, Lord, if you had been here, you would have healed him and he would still be alive.
    Jesus said to Martha, show me the grave. But she said Lord, you don’t understand, he has been in the grave for four days. The grave stone was rolled back, then Jesus cried, Lazarus come fort. Lazarus came out and everyone was amazed, he is alive! He is alive!
    But just four days late, and all your hope is gone. You are asking yourself questions, Lord I don’t understand why I have waited for long. You may also be fighting a battle of fear. You have cried to the Lord, oh Lord I need your help but He has not appeared.Friend don’t be discouraged, because He is still the same. His way is God’s way, and He doesn’t late. He will soon be here, roll back the stone and call out your name. Our God is great, His work is magnificent. When He is four days late, He is still on time. Be blessed.”


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