As it turns out being lucky to be alive is not good enough. The other day I was digging a hole in a place near you, but the kanjo guys caught up with me and asked for licenses and all that admin bureaucracy.  Can’t a man with multiple thoughts and personalities just dig a hole in peace?

Well the answer is no, and a loud no, especially if it’s on Moi Avenue. Why is that? Back in the days as kids, we used to dig holes all over mahn, what changed? People like to say that, well there is something called growing up, people change and stuff like that. But it gives me immense pressure and deep feelings, every time I sit down with a cup of hot coffee, trying to figure out why a dude cannot just dig a hole. Life should be simpler mahn. Sometimes I feel like they’re just too many things, which we as a society have decided that we just have to do them. Like there are too many passwords to remember , too many bills to pay , too many ex’s to avoid ,

yani we are all here trying cover up the fact that we should just be enjoying life and digging a hole  hapa na pale , but we clearly are not doing that.Life used to be simple, remember? One could just complete college, find a job and a wife and a car and maybe start a family. Now you are lucky to survive and luckier if you find a decent wife. Worse still you can’t just dig a hole mahn! Stop thinking am crazy with these whole hole thing, it is something I am serious about. I don’t see why it cannot be done, if Trump is president, then I really don’t get why these hole thing cannot be done.

This could be my legacy, I want people to remember me as the hole digger, who was brave enough to challenge the status quo and triggered a hole digging revolution that took over the society with much enthusiasm and thanks to me, folks can now just dig holes as they like and history will remember me and a special day will be marked on the calendar where people will just turn up and dig a hole, just because they can do it. Well, of course some will take it for granted, but folks who appreciate the beauty of life and are serious progressive individuals will tattoo the hole memory in their hearts and those of the children of their children.


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