The rise of the deadliest cult in Kenyan Universities


We all know that Satan comes to kill and destroy. It is unfortunate that this time round, he has chosen Kenya’s next generation; young university students.

Police officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations issued an advisory statement on facebook to parents to be alert in noticing any unusually mannerisms among their children.

This cult divides the existence of God into three; true god, false god and random god. The officer further explained that the cult members believe that it is the random god that is responsible for their problems because of unsteadiness and inability to make firm decisions.  The random god occasionally forgets or declines to give them financial wealth when they really need it, especially for leisure.

In the cult you are trickily promised of the best employment opportunity with unending sums of money. There is no suffering of any sort…if you are a man, you will be served with at least 3 virgins each day. The richest and sweetest food and alcohol are provided for you. The only known demand from the cult is a sacrifice of one’s most beloved!

Parents and the general public has thus been asked to be extra careful because of the increased influence of the cult in Universities.

The activities of various university students have continued to puzzle the public. It is in recent times that we saw nude and suggestive photographs of students on the internet. Their poses have been locked in bedrooms for centuries. They simply decided to explain bedroom matters through photography.

What has shocked the public even more are the photographs of 5 university models from Egerton University. One glance at these photographs is enough to give you chills! Anyone would automatically think that their aim was to suggest Satanism!!

In these times, we can only pray for God’s help.


  1. Quite shocking tales of today happenings in our campuses. Parents need to spend more time with their children to be able to monitor their behaviors

    • I support strongly on your message but which suggesting way do you think cult càn be brought to an end becàuse in càmpus money and leisure àre key roles?

      • It is quite a contentious issue, you can’t suggest single measure to cab it. The major way
        of fighting this, the “Cult” is to address the root causes e.g. poverty, morals, and activities
        the youth engage in and the list can go on and on


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