Unemployment in Kenya has continued to be an unbearable pain to millions of hungry youths…whose sole ambition in life seems to become “millionaires with numerous expensive cars and enjoy daily parties”!
It is shocking that 17 learned youths from prestigious universities can be fighting to cook in “Vipandas” which have been previously dominated by Mamas…thus gaining fame as “Mama Kanet, Stella or Musa…these names might change to Brother Peter, Odongo or Mwaura.
Life is hard for the an employed. These half-baked, copy-paste enthusiasts left university thinking that life would be as easy as dancing a night off in those dark, dirty and old  university rooms called pubs or restaurants by naive entrepreneurs.

They have been shocked to find out that the job market was overcrowded in 1993. It is surprising that no one has unearthed the old trick politicians use when they insist that they have created this or that number of jobs…they are otherwise defaming the country whose sole purpose has been to strangle the life out of young people. No wonder, old and retired people keep getting recycled in job opportunities even when they have nothing to contribute in this digital era, other than reading newspapers and watching office tv.

Some employers have been too quick to disappoint ambitious unemployed persons by advertising for a single vacancy when they know 20 million people are looking for the same job. It is worse when they call 100 of the applicants for a job interview and end up choosing one of their relatives for the position. That relative would not even attend the interview as he is busy playing computer games at home with an enormous bowl filled with pop corns just beside him for consolation purposes, when he looses to the computer. He will receive a call to start working on a Tuesday or a Wednesday of which he will casually reply,”okay”. Guys please, stop traumatizing the jobless youth. He or she goes through a lot just to deliver that CV…and find fare to the hideous interview location. I don’t even want to mention the amount of time used in brushing shoes or trying to find a friend with the same height and width to borrow a suit…

There are those who decided to go for Masters and PHD in order to increase their chances of getting a job…these ones got shocked to realise that this trick no longer works. It seems that the only people not yet reached by this epidemic are professors. They too have about 10 years. With this kind of outflux of university graduates, things are getting worse. Needless to mention the self-approved institutions where one gets conferred a doctorate degree when he or she had just a form 4 certificate showing that ugly D-…yet, in 3 years he/she is about to graduate as a Doctor in Medicine or Engineering.


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