Are the bridges leading to State House or are they genuinely concerned about Wanjiku’s welfare? From a familiar eye, Wanjiku is only a mtu – wa -mkono. Since we started shaking hands and building bridges, the cost of living has gone up and scandals right, left and center. Well, we can’t blame the handshake for that, but with all the hype it has generated at least it should partially influence some positive results. Every day, you are sure to hear of a scandal somewhere, and the new DPP is an eager beaver, kudos to him.

Well, he is trying the best to wash off the daunted image of Jubilee’s corruption-riddled first term, but it is only reminding Kenyans of how many scandals were not reported. I don’t know the political will behind the handshake, but I can tell it is a highway for someone to get to State House. It is bad enough that we are paying for the cost.  The scenario is what Winston Churchill would describe as a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Whatever destination the bridges lead to, at least make the journey enjoyable. We don’t want to leave our motiies at home and skip a meal, or rather jointly buy one kichwa downtown, because the economy is tight.

In the spirit of building bridges, why don’t we build actual bridges that will not collapse next year when the rains hit?  I wish Baba would shake hands with the people of Kibera who gave their lives and blood to vote for him. We want to see the president shaking hands with the people of Mandera who cannot afford two meals a day. I think we can catch bigger fish as a country. Peace is great, but peace plus development is golden. Me thinks Kenyans are generally peaceful for every four and a half years. Then you politicians do your dirty work and inspire division using every tool that you find. Then you ascend to power or complain about not getting to power. Meanwhile we Kenyans are back to our normal life, and we still have to listen to your bickering? By the way, if you lose an election, go home and play pool table, or do whatever you like, just don’t disturb our peace. Not unless you are Tinga, and you are a mystery, and you might have a comeback that gets you the Presidency. But one Tinga is enough, let us only have one. We don’t want many chiefs and no Indians.



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