I leaned forward to kiss my wife as usual before leaving bed. I was shocked to realize that she was intently and aggressively following my message conversation with Stella, a lady i had met  3 weeks earlier in Lazarus restaurant. One look at her gave me unexplained chills…I snatched away the phone, pretending to be angrier than her…I left my dear wife cursing me for ruining her life. She blatantly declared that she wanted a divorce… Folks, that’s how I started my day….

I jumped out of my one roomed tiny house in Kawangware at 6:20 am in an empty stomach. But, i branched into a kibanda and gobbled down 3 thin chapatis and a cup of tea amidst fights from 14 irresistible brown fat flies…I blamed the nearby sewage for attracting these annoying competitors! Other 3 men who sat next to me, ate and drank happily…as if the cold githeri they had been given, instead of being thrown away, was the sweetest thing on earth. They smacked their lips loudly each time they sipped that ugly githeri soup. As they talked, sparks of heavy saliva fell on my face occasionally…I left. In town, I quickly left“Archives” building for Accra road to catch the first Embasava vehicle. I have a regular job in Embakasi but being a serial hustler, I double up as an Mpesa dealer. Business had been booming until this particular day. 

Being a clever lad, I reported as usual and waited till 10 am before feigning sickness. I dropped 2 “ndovus”(1000) notes on the table of my supervisor and winked…as usual. The money mysteriously disappeared into his pockets. I was shocked when the boss, a short Indian bully jumped into the room and fired the two of us…we left rudely. I particularly knocked over tables and chairs angrily. Ones or twice, I came close to hitting the boss but relented when my fist was just a few inches from his face. I might have made a fake call to a supposed lawyer but on the other side of the line was my cousin. Our drama lasted for 37 minutes. This was my second biggest blow of the day….

By now, I knew that the agents of evil had connived to teach me a lesson…I lamented losing my  job, considering the present economic torture in our country. It is this kind of desperate thought that took all my attention…i didn’t realize that i had taken less than one hour on foot to town. I walked straight to my MPesa dealer and requested for 3 “Mpesa lines” as we had agreed. I was to supply them that afternoon to eager entrepreneurs who had promised to pay Kshs.20,000 each. 

5 men shot from their chairs and acrobatically tackled me to the ground. Njeri my Mpesa dealer had lightly pointed at me with an awkward grin and said…”ndio huyo!” -*he is the one* Before i knew it, i was already in a black Toyota Premio car; two men seated on either side. I was the only one talking. I questioned, I bitterly protested, I fought. I was struggling to get out when one of the men sank two blows into my stomach in quick intervals…I fell into darkness.
I don’t recall how we got to the police station.I was commanded to “write my story”. Apparently, one of the Mpesa lines I had sold about 9 months ago was implicated in a theft case. They clearly showed me how they had tracked me for several months…i wonder why they had waited for 9 months.  Why today?
I reasoned that I could need to give them the Kshs.9,336 I had in my back pocket and they could soon set me free…I almost smiled at this ingenious thought. I even started thinking of how the police made it easier for law breakers…as long as money exchanged hands.

I was shocked when they harshly frisked me…the money was pocketed by their boss, right in front of my eyes. They clearly wrote on a piece of paper that I had Kshs.300 bob and an old phone…my phone was traded amongst them at KShs.17,500 when I had gotten it for more than three times the amount after 2 years of saving. When i remembered how my wife had opposed this luxurious expenditure and even demanded that i return it… I tried to protest. I wish I didn’t…the beating I received was inhuman. I even wished for death…albelt momentarily.I was heavily pushed into a police cell full of dirty and angry men who had nothing to look forward to in life. Life and death made no difference to them.

I landed on one particular heavy-built, high-chested man who was seated in a lonely corner….I expected another beating. Uniquely, he helped me seat against the wall. He waited till midnight to introduce himself…he squatted and extended a hand into his rears and pulled a small Nokia phone. It had fragments of feaces all over! Whenever I remember this ugly part of the story, I normally lose appetite for 2 days…

He didn’t even clean it. He just shoved it into my hands and told me to call “anyone” to come and bail me out. He casually added”Ksh.5,000″ and looked away as if he didn’t care. I “flashed”/ “shtuad” my brother…
He called almost immediately and rudely asked “ni nani?”*who is it?* I meekly introduced myself and in just 30 seconds, I had sent my message through.

The rest of the night in that prison cell was an unbearable scene created by Lucifer to torment human beings. In hunger,desperation and cold we were all lost in thoughts…quietly, the night dragged itself. I counted second by second…I am still counting!


  1. Good article sure…the episodes are clear and the picture of events seems ok though not clear…
    i apologize for you having such fake woman who could do that but the problem is she is mentioned once yet the connecting events are not really related to her…
    thanks for maintaining a real life situation


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