Miguna might have been so learned and well-read but, his accent betrays him. We can all trace his ancestry to the South of Nyanza; near a large water body famously known as Victoria. Incase his speech gives us no evidence; his face will prove it all…such darkness, such seriousness even when smiling cannot be attributed to the genes of the Canadians.

When the late mwalimu Julius Nyerere said that  “Kenya is a man eat man society”, our predecessors accused him of mingling with the affairs of another country. Almost 2 decades later, the Miguna’s situation explains all too well the reality of that statement. As far as I know, there has been only one man from Nyanza…who has tried to demonstrate and agitate for the return of Miguna Miguna. This lone ranger almost died of hunger after starving himself for about four days. Otherwise, most Kenyans with strong WIFI connections find it appropriate to just tweet and chat about this whole issue. Where is the great number of Kenyans who arrived at Uhuru park and sourced the services of this self-declared general, to administer the oath on Raila Amollo Odinga? Had the same number demonstrated, Miguna would be eating “fis” in his house, right here in Kenya!

It is official that after “the public handshake” between Miguna’s friend Raila and his enemy president Uhuru, there is a great confusion. Is the friend still faithful? Kenyans assumed that since Miguna’s friend has become a darling of the government, he could shake up things a little to allow for a smooth return of the self-proclaimed general. It is surprising that Miguna’s friend seems to be comfortable in life and less concerned about his plight of .

For whose good did Miguna fight the government?

The author of “peeling back the mask” should have sought advice from his own book. Otherwise politics has never been for the good of the people of Kenya. It has just served the interests of the few minority who have just two aims in life: have power and create a name which their sons would use to ascend to power.


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