Gone are the days that men would be busy sharpening their spears to go hunting for those elusive, speedy antelopes in jangles with vicious lions; which were never an issue…The world is now raising a brood of lazy big bodied mama-boys who just sit and play computer games. These heavy buttocked  men will quickly jump on tables at the slightest intuition of a rat in the house. They give fear its real meaning.

25-40 year old men playing computer games attract negativity. Research has proved that they become unstable emotionally. It has been said that these emotional babies are more nagging and quarrelsome than the modern-day  slay queen.

You will find them squeezed in a corner with huge headphones, a pile of cold popcorns…farting uncontrollably. They have no time to visit the toilet as frequent as possible. These habit of indulging in FIFA and other games might have started as a pass-time in university but, its addictive nature is of another level. The pain of loosing in games to buddies is transferred to the family. Soon, the children are warned not to touch the TV or even pass in front of “Daddy’s game”. The wife might not even get a single response from these men for a whole week.

Satan has specifically chosen this FIFA game for instance to lure the non-alcoholic men into misery. Since it is more addictive than any cigarette or alcoholic drink that has ever been made,it is bound to destroy families completely. Its ecstasy level of 140% is meant to benumb all senses. Men who play these games can not be reasoned with…they are always angry and foul-mouthed. Their psychology has been impaired. Fantasy and reality makes less of a difference…

One thing is clear sisters, these men are slaves to this awkwardness. They won’t think of investments, they won’t hit the gym or a real football pitch to lose those voluminous fats…They are just fattening daily on those sofas!

It is no longer surprising to find a thousand 25 year old men assembled in a corner taking turns to play silly computer games. These brood of youngsters will not talk about our endangered economy or development…they will keep ordering for chips and cold sodas. Young and naive lasses will be seated on their laps giggling hysterically as they update their Instagram accounts with half naked bodies for the world to feed on. This is the next generation!!!

It is shocking that the devil is influencing IT experts and game programmers to produce the latest and smartest of games…they “force” this confused lot to download and play them on their phones even in public  toilets. 
There is nothing good that can come from the hand of the ever working devil whose main purpose of late is to kill manhood… 
Research has revealed that these cry babies who play FIFA/computer games end up getting “disciplined” by their wives because they are too soft to defend themselves.Slay queens in high heels can fight these men and easily overpower them in a few seconds…they have lost all senses to a ball and 23 people running on a single field trying to get the ball and hit it against a net…all in a TV set.

Truth be told, this so called modernity of playing computer games and neglecting important aspects of life is demeaning. The 7 hours spent in a day to play the never-changing and never-ending game is enough to think of possible ways of making an extra income.

Nonsense!Grow up and leave that sofa…go out and play real football.


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