There are few species that have highly attracted the attention of the world,none compares to Kenyan youths….thanks to their resilience, hustling skills and often unimagined unique money-searching skills.
You will be shocked at the extent to which these self-made entrepreneurs can go to make an extra coin. Nairobi is notoriously known for these young men and women who spare no one in their lines of duty when hustling!

For starters, looking for money in Nairobi pays no attention to words such as “legal” “faithful” or “honest”.

The borrower
These unemployed university graduates have identified all the 39 phone applications for lending money. They started with Mshwari, then TALA, slowly borrowed their way to the BRANCH and now they owe all the sites at least kshs.1000. They have been blacklisted in CRB and they don’t care. Their mobile phones are full with money lending applications…they are surviving the economic turmoil in the country by borrowing. 
Having exhausted his/her friend list…(for he/she borrowed from everyone), these lone-rangers are mostly introverts. They spend their time basking and watching movies or playing games. They are willing to borrow just to buy “mayai boilo” . They always fantasize of paying all their loans as soon as they get a “kibarua”. 2 years pass by and they are still waiting for the job and accumulating more loans!

Betting guru’s
These breed of enthusiastic people gamble day and night trying their luck in all betting sites. Gone are the days that they could wait for a whole 90 minute to make money. With the introduction of betting sites like Betin which offer money in seconds , these investors are leaving nothing to chance. You will be told that the only investment required, is a huge infinix phone and a Telcom SIM card to supply cheap unlimited data. Then, you are ready to gamble your way out of poverty….these are probably the most knowledgeable human species on the planet concerning different ball games. No wonder, there has been an influx of conmen who have been circulating messages on whatspp groups and social media about fixed football matches. They will dare you that they know the outcome of a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid or Arsenal and Manchester United by claiming that so and so was paid to “sell” the team. Woe unto you if you trust these criminals.

Kayole maniacs 
These young people can detect a new comer or visitor in the ghetto through just a glance. They will then estimate your worth and quickly sell your clothes and shoes before they even strip you. A little boy or young girl will thus be sent to you and she or he will humbly ask for your phone and clothes. In surprise, you might hesitate or worse scold the kid…you won’t see where the 17 rastaad red-shot eyed men will come from. You will be lucky to be alive after they are done with you. No wonder, you are adviced to seek the services of an equally trained native of these parts of Eastlands whenever you visit. He or she will advice you that speaking in English is akin to betrayal. That you must occasionally, whether hungry or not …buy mutura and boiled eyes at least in 3 different places just to blend in. Suits are not wanted in Eastlands …use dirty and tattered jeans.
Some of these young people have infiltrated the CBD…they often walk with sharp knives that are used to strategically cut the lower sides of the handbags of ladies and thus, keep collecting the contents as they fall down. In strange cases, you will find yourself unable to see albeit for a few minutes. When you come back to life, you could have lost everything. You just don’t know how…


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