It is impossible to sexually love a fellow man. It is scientifically unattainable and unimaginable for beings who have intelligently sent astronauts to the moon and back. For 6000 years, the “lower opening of the alimentary canal” has been used rightly for passing poop. How did few Kenyan men discover an otherwise function for this ugly and angry part?
No wonder we have never had fresh air in some of these Nairobian PSV buses since 2001! Some of these men have the weakest and overused excretory muscles…

Men are hard-core beings created to withstand difficulties and so, their skin and body is brutal and unfriendly. Had two or 3 genes gotten their way, they would have been as hairy as goats. How can one careless such a criminal? In a Kenyan society where ladies know no greed particularly in dishing out their unmentionables, there can be no excuse for men to love fellow men.

Recently, a woman complained that her husband and a father of three had been intentionally missing the right and acceptable “route”. After blaming darkness for 4 months, he had to come out clean and apologize to “mama watoto”. This weirdo got a divorce almost immediately. 
How many times have we heard of such cases, even men who molest young boys? Who can we blame? 

It is sad for men to leave juicy mangos for ugly looking exhausts of other men…

The African culture has been eroded leading to the reborn of the modern sissy men. If you notice a heavy chested man cat-walking in Moi Avenue, speaking strangely soft in a pestered voice….know that we have “lost” another African man! Western and Nyanza provinces are notorious for strange looking men who are nothing close to handsome…to admire them is akin to committing suicide. 

This nonsense can never be found in Kayole or the Eastern part of Nairobi for that matter. Men, holding hands in public is a sign of weakness; it is punishable. 

I have seen these self-made ‘slay princes’ pushing the world to the limit. They use lipstick and heavy face powder. They have at least 2 small mirrors in their bags for a constant checkup of their faces. They wear tight khaki trousers to reveal their fatty behinds. They will use nose breaking perfumes, cheaply acquired from Eastleigh to attract their “potential buyers”! Sodom and Gomorrah didn’t witness such inventions. 

Apparently, business is booming for male prostitutes as compared to their female counterparts. Men are slowly declining women prostitutes’ openly advertised products… in search of their fellow beard-shaving muscled species. 

Even though gayism is subtly creeping into our society…there are several countries which have passed into law same-sex marriages. For those who believe in God and read the Bible, Adam married Eve…a woman! And they were blessed by the LORD. 

Same-sex marriages are an invention of the devil designed to marr God’s creation. Pray to God brethren.



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