It is shocking, rude and inconsiderate for two lover-birds to forcefully include you in a whatspp group for a “mchango”to finance their wedding!

These species will choose the worst month when you are broke and confused. When you have borrowed from everywhere possible. That’s when they will add you to the whatspp group and demand Kshs. 30,000 from each of the members in 5 weeks for their wedding. They will thus assign friends who will be calling the members after every 2 days to remind them of their contribution. 

Some fiances are known to use weddings as a source of raising themselves into wealth. Thus, they will insist on advertising their wedding for the sole purpose of recruiting potential contributors. Friends from primary school years will be remembered…neighbours will have nowhere to run to….even MAMA MBOGA will give her due, they will use the same money to buy her veges…current and former work colleagues are not spared either. 

It is unfair to be forced into contributing for people to marry when they have been cohabiting for 9 years, since the old good days when they met in university. What have they not done that married people do……

These hunters know who is who within their circle…they will add you to their whatspp group and make you responsible for the success of their wedding. One wonders why they are insisting on milking us dry just to have a fancy wedding they can’t afford…

2 Motorbikes are enough to do a wedding ceremony. One needs to pay just 100 Bob for them to carry the bride and bridegroom from church to their new home. Forget the expensive cakes and get some mandazis or KDFs. Githeri and “strong tea” is enough to entertain the stomachs of visitors. 

This nonsense of hiring complicated rastamen and women for photographs is overrated….FULLY CHARGE 2 INFINIX PHONES at night and give them to your cousins for this function.
Use your choir uniforms. The nagging ambition women have of buying “white nets” for weddings is primitive. By 4 pm, let the wife start washing clothes as the man rushes to watch football!

Case study
Njuguna and Adhiambo from one of the popular churches in Nairobi’s rich suburb have been married 7 times….These two con artists started their conning business when they realised the potential of “whatspp marriage groups”.
They first started their partnership by migrating to “Pendo ministry church” which is home to several millionaires as it seats in Lavington’s area.

They quickly “made” friends and ensured that they knew a large percentage of church members. They kept closer anyone who had a car, wore an expensive suit to church or contributed generously… Within 3 months, they announced a wedding in the same church…and formed WHATSPP GROUPS to collect funds. They had collected enough phone numbers for their mission. When the wedding was almost due, they disappeared…They left their apartment and shifted to Mombasa road where they joined another church. However, they were now recognised as Bishop John Ndong’o and prophetess Anne from Kitale.

In the same way,it took them just 5 months to announce their wedding…with the same technique of forming whatspp groups they collected enough money and disappeared. They were only caught in their 8th endeavour…when business was booming.


  1. Marriage groups are the best businesses to carry out if all betting sites are widely known and all youths are registered in then i think this modern practice is excellent.
    Author of this article mr. Makabe Morris…this awesome


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