It saddens my heart when I see a hero like Kenneth Matiba succumb to death because of what he went through in detention in the 90s as a result of his fight for multiparty democracy. Together with Charles Rupia and Raila Amollo Odinga, Matiba suffered immensely under the cruel repression that characterized the Moi regime. We all know that Raila’s eyesight was affected during his detention. For Matiba, brutal treatment in detention caused his stroke and finally his death.

Matiba has served as the Kiharu Member of Parliament and as a Cabinet Secretary. Notably, he ran for presidency in 1992 on a Ford Asili ticket and emerged second in an election that he claimed was rigged. He has been successful in his businesses including an hotel empire that suffered due to his illness and political role as an opposition leader.

We are going to witness a large political envoy in his burial ceremony. These are the sons and daughters of the soil who did not even visit him when he was still in the hospital. These sons and daughters are enjoying the fruits of the multiparty democracy that Matiba fought for… We need to celebrate our freedom fighters when they are still alive instead of show casing our expensive cars and throwing our fancy speeches left, right and center during their burial ceremonies.

I cry with the family of Kenneth Matiba.

We will always remember you Matiba.


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