You have never met these trained assertive go-getter ladies whose eyes are always inclined to the wallets of men.These hawk eyed daughters  have perfected the art of looking at men and immediately estimating their basic salary plus allowances to the exact measure. These entrepreneurs never miss their kill. 

They are trained to love ambitiously. Once you fall into their traps, they will smoothen you with fake love, twice as much as you have ever experienced in your entire life.

They are mostly known for crying during engagements(before you, 14 men have been engaged to her). These slay queens tend to remember their long dead ancestors and cry so much. You might think that they are emotional till you put that diamond or gold ring on their finger. That would be the last time you see them because they will auction it at River road. Then, you will receive a breakup text message 2 days later.

If you are unfortunate, these ambitious money-minded lasses will stick around and suck every single coin from you. 
They start by ensuring that you detach from your friends by claiming that the friends are jealous or that they are secretly seducing them. This self-made legends will then complain and nag that you have no time for them. By now, they have your full attention…ready to pull the trigger.
They will take you to funny church gatherings, dance the nights off, eat in hotels daily and travel everywhere including touring oil wells in Turkana. By the time you know it, your Ksh.153,000/month  salary can not even sustain you for a half a month. You deny your siblings any help. You start dodging the land lord and eventually borrow to sustain her lavish lifestyle..

Meanwhile, any discussion about her salary will be an invitation for those mean 47 minute arguments…when she loosens up, she will buy you a fake ksh.200 bob T-shirt with a huge “Nike” logo on the backside for your birthday. You know something is wrong but you just can’t run away.
Then, one Monday morning…”you get laid off”. You call her to explain how saddened you are. When you get home…you realize that she has packed her valuables and left you. 
After calling for 18 hours without an answer, you receive that poisonous break-up text.
The next day, you find her half necked on the balcony of your next neighbour Mike taking breakfast…
Mike “throws” his greetings…”niaje mzito” and goes back to his dream life…
You shake your head knowingly and call Muthoni out of the house to say hi to the “neighbours”…no one responds to you. 


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