I knew it! The devil is on the loose…We should have seen the evidence when cartels poisoned our sugar, when babes and slay queens robbed a mature NYS institution and walked free, awaiting those intertwining court cases… or even in recent times, when David Mwai was found dead in an impossible death situation in a 24 hour-guarded police cell; a man who would have set free or implicated the Garissa Governor Ali Korane on the attempted murder investigation facing him. 
The presence of the devil in this country has continued to be felt strongly in government institutions…former or sitting governors have continued to shock the voters of this country. Starting from Governor Sonko’s famous recording of Governor Waititu’s efforts to have his wife set free. Former Nairobi Governor, Evans Kidero was recently arraigned in court to face corruption charges…We all remember how governor Anne Waiguru was included in the first NYS case that has not yet been resolved…Was Ojaamong, the Busia governor, not in custody recently  for graft allegations? 

It is only unfortunate that this time, the devil has decided to be devolved…has he taken the form of a Governor from the south of Nyanza? Democrats will tell you that this man was once a darling most of many. He even managed to smooth talk thousands of innocent Kenyans into voting for him. He has been envied for his success. He has been adored. Respected. Wanted….until the 4th of September.
The demise of one of the daughters of the land, Sharon Atieno, who faced death in its cruel form has been attributed to this mystery high ranking political figure… presumably a monogamous man turned liar, cheat and a father of both the born and the unborn. Apparently, this rogue governor has spared none…to the extent of licking dry the unmentionables of university students like Sharon.

What breaks my heart is the presumed decision to kill this innocent pregnant girl. Most men take responsibility but not this supposed hitman..he leaves no one to tell the tale.
“Sponsors” as the name suggests are people who give…but, it seems no one informed this particular moneyman.  that he was supposed to buy her a car, rent an apartment and provide a monthly cheque to sustain her and the unborn. 
In a country where justice is considered extinct, such people are prone to keep enjoying life. Undisturbed. Our eyes will not dry of the rivers of tears we cry daily before this malicious, greedy people are judged by the Lord. We wait in eager anticipation for the day…take heart Kenyans.

The day we see the truth and cease to speak is the day we begin to die – Martin Luther King Jr.

AZ24/7 News takes this opportunity to send condolences to the family of the late Sharon Atieno.


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