An outgoing Moi University student coughed blood on Monday 10th this week and met his death within a span of few minutes. AZ24/7 news reported today that Sam Ndegwa died on his way to Moi Teaching and Referral hospital after coughing blood.

Ndegwa’s sudden death has left the entire Moi fraternity in shock. Comrades have remained puzzled at the loss of their dear friend.A Few years down the lane, the university lost other students including Dotty Nyariki, a second year student from the school of Arts and Social Sciences and Ann Mwende, a second year Education student.

The university Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaac Kosgey has condemned the incident and termed Sam’s death as a huge shock to the entire Moi fraternity. ”We are devastated to hear of the passing of a young student who was about to graduate this year. Everyone thought he would get better but it never happened” said Prof. Kosgey.

According to the Kenya National Health Service, coughing blood or hamoptysis as it is medically known, is rarely a  sign of a serious health problem. In some cases, coughing blood can be a sign of a chest infection or even lung cancer. It is also common to pass blood in saliva or in mucus though it is advisable to always see a doctor immediately.

The doctors will carry out postmortem to determine the cause of the sudden death of Sam Ndegwa.


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