Michael Rotondo’s name has suddenly hit the media waves after being accused in a court of law by his parents for refusing to leave his home even after hitting 30 years old. The New York parents, Christiana and Mark Rotondo, decided to seek the help of Onondaga Court Supreme Court on the 7th May after their son ignored letters urging him to leave. The parents accused Michael for not participating in the payment of rent and not helping in the daily chores in the house.
The parents had even offered their son Kshs. 100,000 to jump start him before he gets a job and some advice notes. However, Michael just remained adamant and unwilling to leave his 30-year-old home.
Michael has dismissed the attentions of his parents as mere “retaliatory tactics” and has asked the court to throw away the case.
It is just a shock that a 30 year old man is unwilling to leave his home in search of a new beginning. It is a total and sharp contrast of what happens in Africa and Kenya to be specific. However, some of these mannerisms have also crept to many Kenyan homes. Men who used to leave their homes way before they hit 16 years of age are now leaving at 25 or 27!


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