1. Divorce

Mean and nagging wives will want to control the amount of time their husbands spend watching football. They will threaten to stop cooking or worse deny the husband, his conjugal rights. Some wives are known to insist in talking about his past mistakes, finances and other obligations at 10 pm when Argentina is facing Nigeria… I am sure any sensible man will ignore these well-calculated distractions and concentrate on 23 men in a pitch instead of his one dear wife. Either way, she is always going to be there. How many times is Messi going to play in the world cup…

Before realizing, the wife of this humble football fanatic will be gossiping about how she has been left alone in the cold. Satan will use the ever-listening office friend of your wife…this guy has been waiting for 3 years for things to go wrong so that he can bounce on your wife. Lazy and unfaithful wives find themselves tempted….Either way, that is already a broken marriage.

Advice: Ladies please, read books during this world cup or do something worth your time. Most men will be busy…


  1. Losses in Bets

Entrepreneurs have already identified verified websites with free betting information. Some have taken huge loans to invest in internet connectivity and new laptops. They are sure to make enough within this world cup season in order to catapult themselves into wealth. I have heard that some have taken their month leave after adding up 4 “offs” from last year. However, like any gamble, the chances of winning are dismal or just half…it is anticipated that by the end of this season, many would have lost so much. It is only after the money is no more that one begins to see possible investment channels.

Advice: Do whatever you want.


  1. Slow business for slay-queens

I can predict that 99% of men will have fixed their eyes on Messi, Ronaldo and the rest…they can’t waste time looking at slay queens for a whole 10 minutes. These focused men would rather stare at the screens and follow 23 people than to turn and fix their eyes on mama citas…

Let the slay queens rest during this period. Otherwise, applying make-up and walking in high heeled shoes that are 3 feet tall is not easy work.

Advice: If you have to appear, be technical and show up during halftime and at the end of the game.


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